Johanna Wonyou

Proffesional Boxer

   Johannna Grace Wonyou, was born in June 2000 in st Maur des Fosses France. She began her boxing journey at the age of 14. She was eager to start a new sport and a friend took her to the local boxing gym. 

   After only 6 months her amazing talent was picked up and noticed by the national team. She began training with the French national squad and within 1 year she was competing at the World Championships. In 2015 she won the bronze medal representing her country.

   Her career as a amateur boxer continued to flourish with Johanna wining the National Amateur Championships for three consecutive years from 2015 - 2018. 

   In 2020 she decided to pursue a professional boxing career. Johanna won her first 3 fights in France before moving to the UK to continue her dream. She trained at Churchill's Boxing Gym and hit it off with the Head coach. Johanna has had 2 strong wins with Samm Mullins and is well on her way to bring the belt home to Churchill's . 

  Johanna always says she has been blessed, we will see great things from her for sure.  

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