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Best Boxing Gym in London

With world-class coaches and a state-of-the-art facilities , training at our boxing gym is a great way to the top. Here at Churchill's Boxing Gym, we prime you to reach new heights of physical fitness and championship results through our combination of traditional and innovative boxing methods with plenty of high ...

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Meeting You at Your Level

We offer a range of group classes at our boxing gym. Our fight classes range from light combat and sparring at the beginner level, while our advanced classes include simulated fights in the ring with an opponent. We also offer one-on-one programs that are personalised to fit your training goals and include a ...

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We Show Results

We believe that the best coaches are those who have truly lived the boxing lifestyle. That’s why we only work with boxers who have fought in the ring. Our coaches have competed at a national or international level, so they have first-hand experience of the techniques that they’re teaching, thus making you a ...
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