Harry Mullins

Professional Boxer

   Harry Mullins, was born July 2002 in London UK. Coming from a boxing family, son of Samm Mullins and grandson of Charlie Mullins, Harry always had boxing in his life. Following his dad around gyms growing up he always wanted to be a part of it. Harry started boxing when he was 10 years of age. 

   Harry's amateur career was not all plane sailing. Relatively small for his age, Harry struggled to find opponents. But obstacles are put there to make us stronger and wiser he always says. His passion and dedication to boxing did pay off as he won the National Amateur Championship in 2020. 

   After his title win Harry decided to pursue a professional boxing career. Harry has a perfect record of 5-0 to date. Harry trains with the father and coach Samm Mullins every day at Churchill's Boxing Gym. With such commitment to boxing Harry's future can only hold great things. 

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